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Quotation / contract


Here is a quote for building a website. We recommend going through all the sections and making sure all the sections are clear and understandable The process will consist of the following steps:
1 Design

Design concept of the project, in order to plan the location and visibility of the elements on the site on which the development of the project will be based

2 Development

Installing a development environment on a server. Connection to a temporary domain. Development of a unique WordPress template according to the design

3 Content entry

Copy content from old site to a new one.

4 Optimization

At this stage, the site is being upgraded to the latest versions of extensions, and the code is being optimized to achieve optimal scores in speed indices.

5 Implementation

This step includes connecting to the client's or studio's hosting, connecting to a unique domain, unblocking the search engine clearing domain

Site Structure


Fixed top area

  • Logo
  • Free booking button
  • Main menu
  • Phone number
  • Clients log-in button

Flexible content fields

  • Images slider
  • Links to pages
  • Clients logos
  • Video
  • Content columns
  • App banner
  • Reviews widget
  • Testimonials
  • Thumbnails gallery
  • Contact form
  • Map
  • Social media buttons


Main blog page

  • All posts in date order

Online access page

Password protected

Site details

The site will be built on the basis of a WordPress content management system
The site will be built on the basis of a customized and unique template according to the requirements of the site and convenient management of content by the customer
The site's content management system will be based on flexible ACF fields. In this method the content of the site can be build by adding preset blocks
The site and management system will be built in English
The site will be built in compatibility with the world's leading browsers and platforms - among them, IE edge and above, Firefox, Safari Opera and Chrome
The site will be built in a way that is suitable for viewing different screen sizes and resolutions, including cell phones and tablets (responsive)
The site's code will be built by international w3c standards, which ensure better upload time and error-free code
The site will be accessible to the disabled in the AA standard
The site will be built with maximum consideration for the loading speed of the site - obtaining a 95+ score in the speed indices of gtmetrics and pagespeed insights
Connection to Google Analytics to track site traffic and represent site statistics
Connection to customer internal inquiry tracking (CRM) system
The studio will provide support and troubleshooting for one month from the day a website goes live


Site development 20 Days
Content copying 5 Days


Site design & development 1500 $
  1. All material received from the customer is the full responsibility of the customer in terms of copyright and any legal clause. Studio Costa is not responsible for any material received from the customer
  2. The offer does not include additional expenses related to the site such as domain and other internet services which may be charged. On which full advice and guidance will be given
  3. Any change in the concept will be priced at 50$ per hour (excluding VAT)
  4. The studio undertakes to repair bugs and glitches at no additional charge up to one month from the date the site goes live
  5. In case of malfunctions and bugs due to updating versions or browsers the studio undertakes to make a quick repair at a cost of 50$ per hour
  6. The client must send all the requested materials to the project even before the work begins. Any material sent late from the start of the design work will be considered as additional work and will be charged accordingly
  7. Update works can be ordered on the site even after the site has been set up. These works will be priced separately at the time of ordering and are not included in this offer
  8. The prices do not include VAT
  9. A 50% down payment will be paid upon confirmation of the project order and 50% will be paid at the end of the project
  10. Studio Costa reserves the right to discontinue work at any stage of the project in the event of inappropriate behavior on the part of the client and / or delay in providing feedback or sending materials
  11. If the customer has received a particular job and is not interested in it, the job will be priced by working hours, or at the price as offered in the quote. (The cheapest of them)
  12. This quote is valid for 10 days from the date it is sent to the customer